Special Projects

To encourage healthy competition, projects are arranged to excite the interest of the children. In particular there is the Science project which varies from year to year. The students choose an area of interest to them and carry out an investigation individually or in pairs.

 The presentation of the projects takes place in March/April and each student is interviewed individually by the team of judges. We often invite teachers from outside the school to assess the work of the students. Prizes are awarded for the creativity, content and practical nature of the projects. The students are required to give an oral explanation and presentation of their work.
Students are also encouraged to take part in The Science Olympics organized by a group of local engineers. This takes place in the Stampede Grounds in Calgary each February.

Social Studies

In Social Studies there is an annual competition for the Junior High Students. Each Student chooses to study a different country and prepares a display involving traditional costume, food and culture. The children prepare the various dishes and offer them to each other and the staff. Afterwards the different projects are evaluated on the basis again of their content and verbal presentation without benefit of notes. 

Kiwanis Festival

In Music the more proficient choir is entered for is entered for the Kiwanis Festival a long established competition. The students are prepared well in advance and compete against schools of varying size and reputation but within their own age group. The competition is of an extremely high standard and the repertoire involves singing aspects of the classical curriculum such as choral anthems and secular masterpieces. Religious are permitted and there is a separate categtry for this The work of the students is adjudicated by some of the finest musicians in the city and experts in the respective disciplines.

At school a select group of students form the honour choir and sing the Christmas and Easter Mass with the parish choir.  

Drama classes

Drama is very popular with our students and is a wonderful way to develop expression and hidden depths of talent. It has a tremendous influence on bringing some children out of their shell and involving them in social contacts with others. Various sketches are performed in the presence of staff and at public events in particular the Christmas concert which takes place in the Parish Hall and the night of the Presentation of awards.