School life

At St. John Bosco School we try, after the example of our saintly patron, to teach our pupils practical every day virtues necessary to living in any community - courtesy, kindness, obedience, punctuality, attentiveness to the needs of others.

For that reason school begins promptly. We warmly encourage parents and children to arrive even earlier so as to meet and talk with their teachers on a less formal basis.

The day begins with formal prayer in the chapel as we fulfill our duty of adoration to God and entrust to Him all our intentions and particular needs of the day. The rector or one of the priests leads the Morning Prayer which is followed by the singing of the National Anthem and uniform inspection. The old saying is very true –cleanliness is next to Godliness and we take pride in the physical appearance and general tidiness of our students.

Class begins at nine and the class teacher says a short prayer before and after the lesson. Directives are then given and the day’s work starts in earnest. Classes are forty five minutes long. There is a recess period of fifteen minutes in the morning as young minds need distraction and a change of scenery during which they take some physical exercise. Classes resume until lunch time and end a quarter of an hour before general dismissal at three thirty. The last fifteen minutes are used to organize the children in relation to home work and other related school topics such as the daily journal entries for older children.

Parents and Staff meet again at the day’s end as the children go home in the relaxed atmosphere that accompanies the end of school. Now home work beckons. First grade have ten minutes of home work and from second grade depending at the stage on is an extra ten minutes is added on to the amount given. This means second grade has a twenty minute allocation but ninth grade an hour and a half