As vital as the air they breathe

We want our pupils to love the Mass, that splendid jewel in the crown of Faith. The Mass is as vital for them as the very air they breathe. The students are warmly encouraged to enter into that unique Sacrifice of Christ, offering themselves with Him to the glory of God the Father – to draw closer to Him in love, and to communicate that Divine Charity in their daily dealings with others.

Children attend Holy Mass twice a week.  Though Mass is obligatory on a Sunday to fulfill a strict debt in justice to adore and worship God, we seek to give our pupils a true appreciation and love of Christ's Sacrifice renewed daily upon our altar.  It is not just a matter of duty and obligation but one of love. 

The fruit of such an interior, recollected participation in the Traditional Latin Mass is evidenced in a true spirit of sacrifice, charity, reverence, and respect for others, and a gradual transformation of their person into the New Man of whom St. Paul speaks.  This is the reason why Mass at school is of such importance in the education of our pupils. 

The Mass is a lived reality

The Mass is not just physically attended, but becomes a lived reality in their lives. The children sing hymns in both Latin and English during the Mass and follow it in their simplified missals.

We celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the school chapel and we have Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament on Wednesday.  We conform to the Liturgy of the Catholic Church as prescribed in the 1962 missal which has been approved by decree of Pope Benedict XVI.   Altar servers are appointed from the student body.  Student and staff confessions are heard during mass.