Special attention for your child

We accept children from Kindergarten to 9th grade. Each child is the object of special attention on the part of the staff. We recognize that each child learns differently. Differentiated education is a cherished goal at our school. Resources are in place to support this particular aspect of our program.

Boys and girls wear a simple school uniform and they are taught together in mixed classrooms.  We do insist upon the necessity of parental cooperation in the education of their children.  Home and school are not competing entities, but share same the same common goal of developing  a healthy Christian mind in a healthy body. 

Wonderful student to staff ratio

We have a present enrollment of 91 students.  Our staff consists of 14 members.  This translates into a wonderful student to staff ratio of 6.5 to 1.  With this extremely favorable situation, special attention is able to be focused not only to those who are struggling, but also to gifted students.

Fully recognized

The school is fully recognized by the Alberta Government and we receive partial funding to meet some of, though not all, the necessary operating costs for the year.  For that reason, there are school tuition fees to be paid over the academic year; they are reduced for families with multiple children attending.  Compared with the fees of other private schools, they are surprisingly low.

Student's future

Since we do not have a high school wing, our children must transfer to another school for grade 10-12; they are very well-prepared for this eventuality. When our children leave school at the end of 9th grade, the girls often seek admission to the Dominican school of Post Falls, Idaho, where standards are high and very challenging academically.  Our children do very well and one of our teachers is a past pupil. The boys often go to St. Mary’s Academy in St. Marys, Kansas, a very large school of the SSPX to which is attached a college accredited by the Government. Other children stay in Calgary and attend the high schools in their area.  Some of our pupils have given themselves to the priestly or religious life, and others have found an appropriate place in the workplace.

Our maximum capacity is approximately 110 students.